We matter
We are human
We are not a threat
We are not less than
We deserve to be treated with respect
We shouldn’t have to keep saying this to you
But we do.
We scream
We shout out
We protest, we march, we kneel, we cry
Till we are blue in the face.


#justiceforgeorgeflloyd #blacklivesmatter #icantbreathe #wecantbreathe


Remember MR NIGER D? Yeah, me too. It just so happens that the most certain and inevitable part of the life cycle of EVERY LIVING ORGANISM is the least discussed. Do you know why? Because life is all around us, it encompasses everything that we see. But D?, D is somewhere in that eerie graveyard […]


‘ I know how you feel’

Actually, you don’t. A lot of times, we hear people say this to us or maybe we are the ones who say it to other people. When someone is feeling or going through something, it is important to know that we can never know how ‘they’ are feeling. We might know how ‘it’ feels to […]



A lot of people say they don’t mind being criticized as long as it is ‘constructive’. I am one of those people. But even as much as we know that everyone would not always agree with the choices we make and that no matter how much we think we are correct, someone would say we […]