Leeds and me

Changing times

I am at the end of my 30-month-long Montessori course and I could not be happier about it! It has taken a lot of my time in the past year and I have struggled to keep up with my blogging. I apologize. However, my head has been brimming with ideas to keep this amazing conversation […]



Remember MR NIGER D? Yeah, me too. It just so happens that the most certain and inevitable part of the life cycle of EVERY LIVING ORGANISM is the least discussed. Do you know why? Because life is all around us, it encompasses everything that we see. But D?, D is somewhere in that eerie graveyard […]


Monday evenings…

Today, I learnt that Brunei is always hot and wet! Sure you are wondering how that is blog worthy? I met two sisters from Brunei today and while we walked home from our Arabic class together, I learnt a few things about them and where they are from. Yes!, I enrolled in an Arabic class […]