Al- Insaan

“Does man think that he will be left neglected[without being punished or rewarded by his Lord]?” Q75:36T There are so many things that contribute to our being called ‘Insaan’, and one of them is the major shortcoming called ‘forgetfulness’. Personally, i inherited a huge dose of that gene from one of my parents and so […]


Going back

Have you ever met anyone who is on a weight loss program? Have you ever put yourself on a weight loss program?, made a decision to exercise at least once a day? decided to wear the hijab?, resolved to reciting the Qur’an everyday?, made a mental note to be nicer to your boss and co […]


Finding that balance…

whosoever puts his trust in Allah shall have no fear nor grief’   I have always used this ayah as a reference whenever I find myself in a dilemma or any difficult situation. However today, I understood the depth of this verse; especially the part of fear and grief.   First of all tawaqqul means […]