Get a FREE goal-setting template!

Goal-Setting is one of the many ways I try to stay on top of things and make sure that I am living intentionally. I understand that we all have different personality types and different things work for different people.

But if you find yourself unhappy with the way you’re going about your day and you feel like you could do with a little bit of structure to your routine, or you just feel like now is the time to do things differently, then I think this might just be the thing for you!

It’s been designed with you in mind and we created guided activities with easy-to-understand prompts that help you set personalised goals for your future. We also made it aesthetically pleasing but not too serious so you don’t feel intimidated by it at all. I mean….look at these graphics!

We also included sections for your To-Do Lists, Notes, Brain Dump, Mind Mapping exercises and so much more! You can either print this out and go analog by putting pen to paper, or you could fill it digitally with an Adobe PDF reader.

My friend and I worked hard on this template and we hope that you find it useful. More than that, we would love love LOVE! to hear some feedback from you!

ok ok ok I know, I’ve talked too much already 😀 here is the link :


Happy goal setting!

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