My 30-day Challenge- #joyfuljune

It’s no news that the world is in shambles right now. 2020 will definitely go down in the history books as ‘the one with all the global trauma’. It is easy to absorb all the heaviness and sadness to the extent where we fail to see the good and positives within our daily lives.

So, in the spirit of #mindfulness and of living intentionally, I set myself a challenge on my Instagram, where I will be sharing something that brings me joy everyday, for the entire month of June. This June, I am choosing joy. Follow me on instagram if you’d like a daily dose, or, come here every Saturday for a weekly recap.

So without further ado here are my joyful picks for Week 1 of my #joyfuljune challenge.

A weekend afternoon spent sipping delicious raspberry fruit-tea and munching on Jammy Dodgers whilst enjoying a good murder-mystery. And of course, with a gorgeous scented candle burning in the background! Utter joy!
Tulips! That’s the caption.
Tulips make me happy!
A gorgeous flowin Black Abaya….
The flow makes me feel regal and almost like I’m floating or levitating LOL.
Also, abayas do a fab job of hiding my lunch baby😉
happy days!
Skin care goodies…

What can I say? I am a sucker for all things skincare and pampering! 💆🏾‍♀️
Rosehip oil is my absolute holy grail skincare product! Read my previous post on rosehip oil here.
The story of Ibrahim (alayhi salam) amazes me so much. In the midst of all his trials and tests, he never forgot his progeny. Whenever Allah gave him something, he would ask for same for his future generations.
The fact that he prayed for us, (for me!) makes me happy.

And that’s the end of Week 1 of my #joyfuljune #30daychallenge. Please join in if it sounds like something you need.

This was an interesting exercise for me and it has had a positive impact on my entire week. I definitely had a few setbacks, but, re-committing to it helped me get back on track.

It is a brilliant idea for anyone who feels like their mental health is suffering or who just feels overwhelmed by everything going on in the world. Remember, self-care in the face of emotional overwhelm is also an act of protest.

See you next week!

Sara, xo

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