Hairy situation

I know a lot of us are beginning to look like tree monsters ; can’t go to the hairdressers and they can’t come to us. 🙂

Some have even given themselves haircuts only to find themselves few minutes later on their bathroom floor, surrounded by tufts of hair, wondering what on earth possessed them. Oops! 🙂

Yes, ‘you know who’ (corona) strikes again. The boredom of staying at home has caused all kinds of weird behaviour online that I can’t even begin to understand. All of sudden everyone is going live on Instagram, doing challenges and don’t get me started on the tiktok craze.

Anyway, back to the issue; how to look after the kids’ hair in the absence of a hairdresser. Personally, I am the only one who styles my daughter’s hair so this is the norm for us anyway. But, if you are struggling with how and what to do to your little ones’ hair whilst in quarantine, have a look at this simple hairstyle I made for my daughter this weekend. I was inspired by one of the mums I follow on instagram and it is so simple and stress-free.

For us Muslim mums, it is possible that we might be spending Eid under lockdown/isolation so it might be a good idea to start looking up easy and pretty hairstyles for our little darlings on the day of Eid.

Check out my Pinterest board for ideas on how to style easy and pretty hairstyles for children. And remember; this too shall pass! In shaa Allah

“let’s dream, a great day is coming”

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